May 20, 2009

Enlightenment: A Short Story

I'm on the verge of a breakthrough. I can feel it. For years, I've dedicated my self to the pursuit of enlightenment, and I'm making progress. They say you can't force enlightenment, that trying to gain it defeats the pursuit--they're wrong. Through concentration, and force of will, I am nearer now than I have ever been.

I sit on this rooftop, eyes closed, yet I see more than anyone. I can sense the streams of energy flowing through me, through the building, into the ground. They flow from the stars, and spiral around the heart of the earth. They tie us together, and to the universe. The threads of the universe spin in elegant arcs across the sky.

I lose connection for a moment, as I realize my pyramid-power cap is off-center, and my hand reflexively reaches up to adjust it to the top of my head again. I'm frustrated with myself for succumbing to such material stimuli, and dive back into my meditations.

I'm lucky, and pick up nearly where I left off. Life energies appear to me as vibrant strands of color, climbing into the sky from every living being, looping casually around while shimmering through the color spectrum, and plunging deep into the earth. They root us to the earth, and through the common ground, connect us to everything, and each other.

I feel the influence of alternative realities, pushing into my mind like a hand on the other side of a flexible sheet. I can see the hand, pressing into my universe, but I don't know anything about its owner. I know only that it is reaching out to me out of love, a shared multiverse, life strands flowing freely between our realities. If I can just reach through, then I'll be as free as the very fabric of existence, able to travel transcendentally among the supernatural energies that make up the universe--all universes.

It's like dreaming, only more vibrant, and filled with a sense of certainty. I'm surrounded by color, feeling, knowledge, wisdom, and song. The sounds are like a wind that carries blue and gold to my eyes and mind. I feel the song on my cheek, and my heart swells. The spirit of the earth responds to my call, and energy reaches up from all directions, pouring into my pyramid, and my mind. I become conscious of the Earth as a being, a peer, a partner, a teacher, a lover, a child, and a friend.

I open my eyes, but my vision doesn't change. I feel myself becoming lighter, rising slightly from the rooftop. The energy of the universe is all around me--is me. I'm making the transition! I'm becoming a being of pure energy, and it's...

[radio news broadcast]

At 1:35 AM last night, the North American continent suffered the most shocking and horrific disaster in human history. An explosion with the force of two billion tons of TNT occurred on the west coast of the United States. Estimates range from 20 to 50 million casualties, as fires, earthquakes, and ash continue to plague an area as large as all of Western Europe.

Scientists insist that this was not an asteroid impact, as such an object would have been detected and tracked prior to impact. Others claim a massive, world-wide cover-up of foreknowledge of the meteor, and dismiss claims that it must have been a bomb.

"There's no way a single bomb could inflict this much widespread destruction. It would have had to annihilate almost two hundred pounds of matter! This was 40 times the output of the largest H-bomb every detonated. It simply had to be a meteor" claims Jeorg Druege, Professor Emeritus of the History department of Hamburg University.

The nations of the world are mobilizing humanitarian, rescue, and relief efforts on a scale never before seen. While concerns over a nuclear winter loom on the horizon, all humanity is united in the effort to help survivors, and to recover what is left.


  1. Let me ponder the actual concept for a while and get back to you on that.

    I do have some editor comments though: Dedicated (deticated), pursuit (persuit), spectrum (specturm), occurred (ocurred), and ever (every) were spelling/typo mistakes, with how it is in your text in parentheses.

    Also, instead of the brackets denoting where the next lines are coming from, I'd have a line with the station introduction, as if back from commercial break. That's just a writing peeve of mine though, I dislike being directly told what P.O.V. I'm in.

  2. yeah, it didn't even hit a spell check, being hacked together in notepad and spluuged onto the tubes while still fresh.

    I agree with the forced POV, but my ideal medium for this would be audio, where a cut to a slightly static-ridden emotionless voice would contrast from the wide-eyed narrator.

    But I'll at least fix the spelling for now. A proper second draft will take the rest into account. Thanks!

  3. I like the format!

    Your story makes me want to go starve myself, stay up for two days straight, and have an awesome lucid dream.

    Just like my old school days.


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