Dec 31, 2010

Solar Reigns in the Black Forest

One thing I keep running into while visiting southern Germay is a perponderance of alternative energy. Windmills and solar panels are in every skyline. Even though you cannot see the sun.

Take this barn for an example. I took this picture in a sleepy little wine producing village that is over a thousand years old. By my best guess the barn in the picture is over 500 years old, and covering almost its entire southern roof are two huge solar arrays.

To put this amazing blending of ancient and modern in perspective, I haven't seen the sun in weeks, its not like we are in sunny California where solar collectors would work year round.

Anyway, just wanted to share this amazing observation bulidings older than the country I live in with state of the art technology on the roofs. Lets get it together and follow Germany's example. If we were willing to put solar pannels on every available surface like they are, we would be a lot closer to energy independance.

auf wiedersehen
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  1. Cool photo, and good context. If I ever get a bigger place a fun project would be to hook up a generator to a work out bike. Save the gym membership fees and charge your batteries at the same time!


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